All of our products are small batch, hand made, wild harvested from the cascade mountains, animal and cruelty free, non - gmo, sustainable, organic & made with love so that every ounce that touches your skin is for the intentional wellness of your entire being. 



Each facial will begin with lymphatic massage to generate flow, release stagnation and begin the renewal process. A gentle cleanser and exfoliant  to slough away, so that our potent serums and masks can settle in deep to nourish. A gentle neck and facial massage is included to promote fresh blood circulation which in turn magnifies all the beauty work that is done in your treatment. Our intention is to create a calm atmosphere for the nervous system so that all the body systems receive love in our treatments. 

Pomegranate Wood Facial                                    $100                   Facial                                                     $130

A delicacy of locally crafted and solar infused products delivered to your skin. 


Lava Love cleanser 

Rice and Pearl Exfoliant

Clary Sage & Lavender Serum

Patchouli Rose Serum

Blue Tansy Vitamin Mask

Celestial Skin Oil

Sunshine Day Dream LUX Body Oil

A combination of created products to deliver a potent and powerful facial that will leave you glowing and renewed!


Lava love Cleanser

Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask 

Hylaurinic Serum

Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane

Honey Mask

Vitamin Mask

Celestial Skin Oil

CBD infused lotion



Himalayan Salt Glow             $140

A full body invigorating body scrub from head to toe, a rinse and hydration application with soothing effleurage movments to flow and and feel good as you are renewed. 1.5 Hours.


Grapefruit infused scrub

Filtered Well Water

Sunshine Day Dream Body LUX oil

CDB infused lotion